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Introducing one of Ottawa's most endearing and talented singers, Penelope is coming out with her own combo featuring the music of Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Etta James and Dinah Washington to name a few, not to mention some of her own music as well. Presently backed by Bruce Caulfield on Guitar and Al Cannon on Bass/Keyboard, this group presents a blues/jazz mix that is seldom heard from this format. Ian Card joins us on Piano/Keys and Brian Downey has been joining in on Drums as well.
Now available for bookings, you can contact us at alcannon@aei.ca for more details. We do private parties, dances, weddings/receptions etc. as well as live venues.
If you require a larger combo, Penelope is also available with a horn section or even as a big-band format by request.

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